3 Kinds Of Beautiful Flowers For Home Decoration

Various kinds of flowers are often used to decorate gardens, parks and other places. Do you want to try it in the yard? Come on, maximize it with this type of flower!

How does it feel to see an empty front or back yard? Of course it seems empty

For homeowners, the desire to decorate the yard is always there.

But the problem is, sometimes we are confused about filling it out …

Empty land filled with grass? Clothesline? Outdoor chairs and tables ? Or what else could you say?

Actually, you don’t need to be confused until it drags on …

There are many ways to fill the yard in an elegant way, one of which is decorated with various kinds of flowers.

For the sake of adjusting to the aesthetics, there are various kinds of flowers that are suitable and suitable for planting in the house.

These kinds of flowers have their respective aesthetic and functional values.

Some are purely ornamental plants, living pharmacies, and are even believed to bring good luck to the owner of the house.

You can arrange all kinds of flowers in such a way that they are beautiful and able to attract the attention of anyone who sees them.

The kinds of flowers that you can plant in front of your house include:

  1. Jasmine
  2. Petunia
  3. Hibiscus

To be clearer, see the explanation below!

3 kinds of beautiful flowers for home yard decoration

1. Jasmine


Jasmine is a type of ornamental flower consisting of about 200 species of plants native to the tropical and warm climates of Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania.

Chronic life, jasmine is cultivated because of its beautiful white color and fragrance.

As we know, Indonesia has made a type of jasmine ( Jasminum sambac ) as a national symbol because it symbolizes purity and purity.

Apart from that, jasmine is also associated with various traditions from many tribes in this country.

Indonesian customs and culture often insert jasmine as a bridal hair ornament in wedding ceremonies, especially Javanese and Sundanese tribes.

The type of jasmine that is commonly grown in the yard is Jasminum Sambac.

Please note, friends 99, all types of jasmine need full sun.

So, you must pay attention to how the sun shines the house yard well.

The first thing that needs to be prepared for growing jasmine in the flower garden is loose soil and compost.

How to reproduce jasmine is also easy, you know !

You can cut the flower stalks and then plant them directly in the surrounding land which has also been given compost.

Can also be planted in a pot.

Jasmine flowers are useful for sowing flowers, perfume, cosmetics, perfume, pharmaceuticals. For those of you who want to buy this flower, you can buy at florist in bogor

2. Petunia


Petunia comes from South America with physical characteristics, namely a height range of 16-30 cm, flowers with single crowns and some with double crowns.

The color varies from red, white, pale yellow, blue, to dark purple.

Petunia branches are quite numerous but very weak, they cannot grow upright.

Overgrown with very fine hairs, the leaves of this plant grow side by side. The petiole is short, about 5–10 cm long and 4–6 cm wide.

Petunia can grow well when planted in places where the soil is fertile and contains lots of water and gets enough sunlight.

But unfortunately Friends 99, compared to other kinds of flowers, petunias have a short life.

The flowering period of this flower is only once in its life.

After that, we have to replace it with a new plant.

But don’t just give up on keeping petunias, huh …

The reason is to replace this plant is not difficult.

Only by sowing the seeds, we can get new plants as substitutes.

As an ornamental plant, petunias are also planted directly in soil and pots.

Since the stems are weak and cannot grow upright, people prefer to plant petunias in flowerpots.

When planted in a pot, the stems and leaves will not propagate too much above the ground, especially if the soil is flooded with water.

The beauty of petunias can be enjoyed as both a garden element and grown individually in pots. This flower available on bogor florist

3. Hibiscus


Hibiscus flowers are one of a variety of flowers originating from East Asia.

From ancient times until now, hibiscus is popular as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical areas.

The distinctive feature of hibiscus flowers is that they are large, red in color and odorless.

The inhabitants of Sumatra and Malaysia refer to hibiscus flowers as the main flower.

Meanwhile, the Javanese know him by a different term, namely worawari flower.

In general, the height of the hibiscus flower can reach about 2 to 5 meters with oval leaves with pointed leaf tips.

Hibiscus can grow year-round in the tropics or in greenhouses, while in subtropical areas it blooms from summer to fall.

Apart from its beauty, it turns out that this hibiscus flower has various functions, you know …

Starting from India, they use hibiscus for shining shoes as well as offering flowers.

In China, the red flower is most clearly used as a food coloring agent.

In Indonesia, apart from being an ornamental plant, hibiscus leaves and flowers are used in various traditional medicines by drying them and then drinking them as tea.

Wow, it’s unique too! Besides being unsightly, hibiscus is also multipurpose.

Given that Indonesia has a tropical climate, so we can plant hibiscus flowers anytime in the yard.