Studying can be very hard at times, you read materials, analyze diagrams, watch videos but it takes a long time before you can finally comprehend.

This can be frustrating and anyone will do anything to help them assimilate better. Reviews from Collected.Reviews confirm that certain food substances help you concentrate longer and study better.

These foods can be gotten from any local food store or you can patronize a food delivery service. Below are 5 foods that help the brain to study and concentrate.

1. Coffee:

If you were not aware before now, it is important to know that starting your day with a cup of coffee will help you have a great day. Coffee contains caffeine which keeps the brain alert and keeps you awake by restricting adenosine, the chemical substance responsible for making you fall asleep.  It also enhances the mood and makes you feel alright by releasing more neurotransmitters like serotonin. A close study on coffee revealed that people who drink coffee at the beginning of the day are more viable when it comes to focusing on jobs. In the long run, if you continue to drink coffee, it has been discovered that it can decrease the danger of having diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

2. Turmeric:

Lately, people have begun to pay attention to turmeric. Turmeric is generally known to be an ingredient in curry but what people don’t know is that it is beneficial to the brain.One major content of turmeric, Curcumin has been said to bypass the barrier that prevents substances from getting into the brain which means it has a free ticket into the human brain where it can be of benefit to the brain.Research has shown that Curcumin helps to improve memory, overcome depression, develop brain cells, etc.

3. Broccoli:

You must have heard of the vegetable broccoli, looks like a bouquet but it’s all green. What you might not know about broccoli is that it has some compounds that can prevent cancer.  Consuming 91 grams of broccoli which is just a cup, will give your more vitamin K than the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and research has proven that vitamin K helps for better memory. Other than enhancing a better memory, broccoli also helps to prevent brain damage.

4. Orange:

They say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. In the same vein, an orange a day equips you with all the vitamin C you need for the day. Vitamin C has a nutrient that helps to secure you against mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C will help you protect your brain cells and keep your brain in a good state which is essential for you as you age. If you do not like oranges, you can opt for other food sources that are rich in vitamin C e.g. guava, strawberry, potatoes, blackcurrant, etc.

5. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds contain substances that strengthen the body and brain cells, preventing them from possible damage. Pumpkin seeds contain a great deal of iron, zinc, and copper – nutrients that are essential for learning memory, improvement of brain functions, etc.

Take these foods alone or add them to your diet to improve your ability to focus while studying. It will also boost retentive memory which will help you function better in your daily life.