5 Strategies to Make Learning Fun for Kids

Learning is necessary to develop the mind, acquire creative thinking skills, improve perspectives and discover ideas. There is a need for everyone, including kids to keep learning.

However, learning should not be a chore- it is very possible to have fun while learning, especially for kids. Feedback and opinions as seen on ReviewsBird.com reveal that making learning fun for kids is very effective as it enables kids to learn faster in a lesser tense atmosphere. When kids enjoy learning, they get actively involved in their education. In fact, a lot of teachers and tutors now prefer using learning apps in teaching their kids to conventional classrooms.

There are various strategies dedicated to making learning fun for kids. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Incorporate Games

Games are fascinating ways to add instant engagement into your lesson scheme. They ease tension and make the kids feel free. Learning becomes more fun, from review time to memorization drills. Games don’t need to require a lot of prep time or expense, as there are thousands of free educational games online. Instead of groaning when they hear it’s review time, students will get excited because they know it’s game on. Incorporating games into the lesson scheme is one sure way of making learning fun for the kids.

2. Integrate Hands-On Learning

Another strategy in making learning fun for kids is to integrate hands-on learning. Hands-on learning activities have long been used as a fun and engaging way to learn. They can be applied to almost any subject, from a preschool alphabet lesson to math, English and geography and have proven to be very effective. Hands-on activities like arts and crafts help students learn in a memorable way. A hands-on assignment or project is more meaningful to students, and will likely be the lesson they remember most.

3. Encourage Creativity

Variety and creativity are the best way to ensure learning stays fun. Be open to your students’ creativity. Let your class know that assignments and projects can be changed or modified as long as they run it by you first. You may find that their ideas give a unique twist to a lesson. Plus, when a student comes up with something on their own, it’s more meaningful to them.

4. Incorporate Technology in the Learning Process

This is a very viable strategy in making learning fun for kids. Technology in today’s world, from tablets and laptops, to YouTube and Netflix, your kids are bombarded with technology every day. You can use technology as a tool to make learning more fun. Stock your classroom with tablets that have exciting, educational apps. Or show your kids a short clip on YouTube or TeacherTube. You can even create a PowerPoint or a video of your own. Technology is a great way to meet some of your students’ instructional needs.

5. Outdoor Activities

For learning to be fun for kids, endeavor to take the children out sometimes. Staying in a classroom block or in the house all day can be very boring. Kids need a break, yet many schools are doing away with recess in favor of academics. However, research shows that getting outdoors, playing on the playground and engaging with friends sharpens their brains for learning.


Kids enjoy learning when it’s fun. It proves more effective as they learn faster and get more actively involved in their education. There are many strategies in achieving fun-learning for kids, some of which have been discussed above.