5 Types of Popular Floor in the House

Stone Floor Tiles

Stone floors are popular to cover the front part of the house, terrace, and bathroom because the rough surface is suitable for standing. Since stone is not a slippery type. Also, this type of stone floor tiles is quite popular in times of war because it does not require special care.

Stone floors are also widely used as a footing for pedestrians in city parks, squares to homes. For those of you who want to find a variety of floor tiles, you can buy them at Amber Tiles. They provide various kinds of floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, natural stone flooring, stone pavers, etc. at affordable prices.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramics are famous because of the vast selection of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures. That’s why this type of floor is everyone’s sweetheart.

Ceramics are made from clay, which was burned to a specific temperature, then coated with a layer of glaze that forms the texture, color, and unique pattern of ceramics. Since the original material is clay, this type of floor does not conduct heat, so the room above feels cool.

Marble Tiles

Marble is one of the most durable and versatile types of flooring. You can also use this material as wallcoverings for houses.

Usually, this material is more expensive than ceramics because it comes from chunks of natural rock pressed together by an absolute pressure and temperature. Natural colors, glossy, and dry colors are the Maradona of this flooring type.

Granite Tiles

If marble absorbs liquid quickly, in contrast to granite, this material has a smaller absorptive capacity, meaning that the pores are denser, so it does not need much effort to care.

Although the composition of the particles is tight, the outer surface is not rough or shiny like glass. Also, granite has a higher resistance to load than ceramics and marble, up to 500 kg per square meter.

Laminate Tiles

In urban homes, the use of wood-based floor types is increasing. However, as prices of wood raw materials rise, laminated flooring was created. It is a floor made of sawdust, which was processed with a certain pressure and temperature.

The price is more affordable than the floor made of real wood, and the installation is also quite easy and fast. You can even do it alone.

Those are several types of home floors you can use as reference material in choosing flooring materials that fit the needs of your home. We hope this information will broaden our horizons.