Building Children’s Intelligence and Character

Children aged 2 to 8 years have a unique character and are in the phase of intelligence development. They like to play and always curious about exploring something new. In builders of a child’s character development, parents need to be aware of the importance of their role. Unfortunately, many parents do not understand the importance of their role in building the character of children. They cannot fully take advantage of the golden age in children.

It takes a broad understanding and insight for parents in understanding the characteristics of children.

Here are some of the characters in early childhood that you need to know to guide the child to become a better person.

1. Have a great curiosity

The curiosity of young children hits a peak in the age of around 2-8 years old. It shows the behavior of children who like to ask questions or often disassemble pairs of objects. As a parent, you need to direct your child with patience.

2. Children understand and remember better

Children learn a lot while watching cartoons; in fact, children learn better just by watching something. If you want children to increase their understanding and memory well, it never hurts to enroll your child in an international school like Brighton College British Nursery Bangkok.

3. Having a high imagination

Children like to imagine things. Do not scold them if your child starts to talk alone, mimicking a cartoon character, or has an imaginary friend. Your job as parents is to direct their imagination in a positive direction.

4. Active

Early childhood is when your kids actively talk; maybe the topic is not essential for adults. Parents need to direct their children to explore their surroundings. Invite children to play together, exercise together, or go on an excursion together. This way, children can learn to use all their abilities in doing positive and beneficial things.

Those are four child characters to develop in early childhood. 2-8 years are significant age for children in developing every potential they have. As a parent, you need to take advantage of this opportunity without ignoring the child’s right to play and get happiness in childhood. Good luck!