Top Microsoft tools you should learn how to use

A lot of things are done on the computer these days and you cannot afford to miss out on them. Microsoft offers many tools that increase productivity and efficiency at your job, and you should definitely jump on them.

Microsoft is easily the most popular software company in the world. Their operating system and office suite is widely used around the world. The implication is that when you are very conversant with their products, it will be easier for you to get IT jobs or jobs that require you to have some knowledge of IT. Hence, it is important to have a good knowledge of how to use Microsoft tools. Here are the top Microsoft tools you need to learn how to use:

Microsoft cloud clipboard

It is a world where people do not stick to one device, they hop from computer to phones. If you have such habit, you should learn how to use the synchronization features your Microsoft account offers you, so that you can feel at home on whichever computer you are using. The cloud clipboard grants you access to your content, you can copy on one PC and paste on another. Check out the options under the Start Menu to get started.  You can read about software companies’ reviews and academic superstore to know how they can aid your effort to improve Microsoft skills.

Virtual desktops

If you are obsessed with organization, then virtual desktops are for you. you get to set up bvirtual versions of your desktop, you can set up a virtual desktop for your entertainment apps and another one for your work tasks. You can set up a virtual desktop for your office apps as well. To get started, go to the Task View icon on your computer and select the New Desktop icon. Enjoy your newfound efficiency.

Nearby Sharing

Sometimes, the need to share more than text among different PCs arise, at a time you cannot get a trusted flash drive. Nearby Sharing allows you to use the power of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to wirelessly and efficiently connect with other personal computers. However, you need to set it up before you can use it, and your rigs need to have Bluetooth capabilities for you to enjoy this feature. Once you are eligible, go to the Start menu and follow the steps and you are good to go.

Storage Sense

The recycle bin and download folder are the hidden space-eaters on your computer. Over time, they increase to gigabytes in size, each iteration can weigh up to 500mb. Storage sense helps you to purge the unwanted files you do not even know you have on your computer. You can give Storage Sense more control over your files by having it manage the files that are stored in your OneDrive folder. However, you have to be careful so that important files do not get deleted on your computer.

Microsoft office programs

Tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc. are very important tools you should learn how to use as well. You will be doing a lot of typing for both personal and office use, you will need to make presentations, you will need to make calculations, keep track of projects, etc. All these tools will come in handy. You will not have to be disturbing anyone for what you can easily do or spending money on what should not cost a dime if you have a computer. You can practice how to use these tools and explore the various opportunities on them.